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Service Features

Key Features:

  • Entirely automated system adapted for commercial vehicles
  • Uses a high-pressure wash system to mimic hand washing without clumsy mechanical brushes
  • Chemical process effectively cleans both organic and inorganic matter
  • Quick turnaround – hand-wash quality in approximately 6 minutes
  • Best price for a quick inspection-worthy vehicle cleaning service

Clean and Green:

  • The water from every wash is recycled and only an additional 20-30L of water is required for each new wash
  • An on-site rainwater tank complements the recycled water system, ensuring our water usage is as efficient as possible
  • Solar panels are used to power the system, making Macs Truck Wash entirely energy efficient.

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Additional Service Options


We offer 10% off charges for fleet customers

How It Works

Our fully automated system takes just six-minutes for an inspection standard clean. We use a mining-grade system adapted for commercial trucks, which cleans your vehicle in four easy steps:

  • Enter Mac’s Truck Wash, park and select your desired wash on the touch screen, as well as any extra service options
  • Pay for the service either with a credit card or through your company account
  • Drive your vehicle slowly through the facility – your wash will take just 6 minutes!
  • Drive away knowing your vehicle has been cleaned to Transport and Main Roads inspection standard.
  • 1

    Enter & Park
  • 2

    Select & Pay

    Credit Cards or on Account
  • 3

    Drive & Wash

    Only a 6 Minute Clean
  • 4

    Finish & Smile

    Government Standard Clean

Drivers should note:

Our System

Mac’s Truck Wash uses a mining-grade system uniquely adapted for a full range of commercial trucks. Our system is fast, efficient, and cleans to a Department of Transport and Main Roads inspection standard.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our wash, we are also committed to offering a sustainable wash service, with water tanks and solar panels installed on-site. Each new wash needs only an additional 20-30L of water, as the majority of water used in our facility is recycled and repurposed.

About Us

Mac’s Truck Wash is a family owned operation, run by people who have been involved in the motor industry for over 60 years.

It began with Denis McEniery, who started in the motor industry in Warwick in the 1950s, successfully running a transport business for many years and later leading Australia’s largest Ford dealership. After years working with heavy-vehicles and their drivers, Denis understood the importance of clean vehicles both in the showroom and on the road.

Through Mac’s Truck Wash, Denis’s family continue his commitment to quality.

Our mining-grade system has been uniquely adapted for commercial use and is fast, efficient, and cleans to a Department of Transport and Main Roads inspection standard.

Sustainability is also a priority, so we’ve integrated water tanks and solar panels into our facility that allows us to be almost entirely energy and water efficient. We use recycled water throughout our washing process and the majority of the water used onsite is recycled and repurposed.

The trucking and heavy-vehicle industry plays a vital role in connecting businesses across Australia. It is our mission to ensure that every truck that comes through Mac’s Truck Wash provides drivers with a fast and efficient clean and keep them – and the country – moving.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
24 hours a day

Mac’s Truck Wash is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our fully automated system means that we offer the fastest wash at the best price, at any time of the day or night using one of the most sustainable systems.


Just off the Ipswich Motorway at 2596 Ipswich Road, Darra, Mac’s Truck Wash is conveniently located within the Freedom Fuels Truck Centre, and 500m from the Transport and Main Roads Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre.

We look forward to offering our quick, easy and affordable truck washing service in more locations soon.


Fleet and Account holders 10% Discount

If you have any questions about Mac’s Truck Wash, you can get in touch with us at, on Facebook @macstruckwash, or Instagram @macstruckwashdarra.